Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tony La Russa arrested on drunk-driving charge

Story broke by Jack Frost:

By Joe Strauss and Derrick Goold

JUPITER, Fla. -– Cardinals manager Tony La Russa was jailed by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department early this morning on a charge of suspicion of driving under the influence, according to a police report obtained by the Post-Dispatch.

La Russa, 62, was booked at 4:07 a.m. local time after Jupiter police conducted the traffic stop.

The arrest potentially represents La Russa’s first offense, according to the report.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff placed the report on-line before most players had arrived at the team’s spring training complex. La Russa typically arrives at Roger Dean Stadium around 7 a.m.

A release from the Jupiter Police Department said the traffic stop had happened around midnight. The police report said he had been given a field sobriety test that showed La Russa’s blood alcohol level was 0.093. Florida law considers 0.080 driving under the influence. He gave two breath samples at Palm Beach County Jail before being booked.

The charge is a misdemeanor, and La Russa posted a $500 bond. But he was required to spend eight hours in custody before being released. He was expected to be released between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Florida time, Palm Beach County Sheriff spokesman Paul Miller said.

La Russa was found inside his stalled dark blue Escalade SUV at Frederick Small Blvd and Military Trail, about 1 1/2 miles from the stadium and less than a mile from the manager’s spring residence, the release from Jupiter police said.

La Russa was found asleep behind the wheel with his foot on the vehicle’s brake pedal. When an undercover officer told him to put the car in park, the Cardinals manager complied, according to a release.

A report filed by Jupiter police said that the Cardinals manager was breathing but that initial attempts to rouse La Russa by "repeated knocks on the window" on the driver’s side window had failed.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


As Simon would say "This is a complete and utter mess!" What is Rap doing to the this really the message we want to send? And I know it's not just the music but you have to wonder with what is getting played all day everyday on the radio now! Folks with kids Stand Up!!

A source of mine sent me what appears to be Diddy's firstborn getting a lapdance by some bird. Now, from what I understand, the boy, who is 12, was at a teen party and was to be monitored a bit more closely. Anyway, some pictures are below. I heard that neither Misa or Kim approve of this sort of behavior! No word from Diddy.

Anyway, check the pics.

Sis, you are way too old for him!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Gadget owners beware: Daylight-saving time has changed

Daylight-saving time is springing forward three weeks earlier than usual this year, but consumers may be unaware that some of their gadgets won't automatically be making the transition.

Daylight-saving time (DST) will begin at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 11, and will end a week later than usual, on Sunday, November 4. The change, thanks to a massive federal energy bill passed in 2005 (click for PDF of energy bill) adds extra hours of daylight with the hope of decreasing national energy consumption.

This small change could have big implications for a range of gadget users, from employees of multinationals relying on their devices to remind them of appointments in different time zones to average consumers who count on their smart phones to be, well, smart, and tell the time correctly.

First, the good news: don't worry, your TiVo is fine. TiVo says it sent an automatic software update to its digital video recorder customers last month that included a patch for the DST switch.

But smart-phone customers should take heed: if they don't update both the mobile device and the computer software it synchronizes information from, scheduled items will be off by an hour.

"The way to think about it is to consider any deadline requirements an application has that are more specific than midnight or close of business," Pete Lindstrom, an analyst with the Burton Group, said in an e-mail. "Of course, financial transactions are of the most obvious concern, since minutes and even seconds can matter there. In a smaller way, other deadlines (like the end of the quarter) may be affected, but remember, (it)is only a four-week period...where the impact is felt."

The problem with DST and smart phones can be fixed with a software update that will adjust the date tables that are preprogrammed to tell the device when to move the clock forward or backward by an hour.

Consumers carrying a mobile phone running on any version of Windows Mobile except the recently released Windows Mobile 6 will have to download software updates from the Microsoft Web site to the devices themselves.

Microsoft says there are several ways to perform the update--for instance, downloading the software to a PC and syncing via a cable or downloading the update directly onto the device from Microsoft's Web site. Alternatively, IT department managers can issue an e-mail containing the update, which individuals have to install themselves.

But there are already signs DST won't be a perfectly smooth transition for gadget holders. Susan Bradley, a network administrator for an accounting firm in Fresno, Calif., reported having difficulty doing automatic updates for Windows Mobile phone users.

"I've had to manually update them and I don't know how larger firms will handle this," she said. "In my early tests, one phone is syncing to the mailbox with the right time, one isn't, and I haven't a clue as to why one is working and one isn't when they have all the same patches."

Some Palm devices run Windows Mobile, but for those running Garnet OS, formerly known as Palm OS, the update is not yet available. Palm is "currently working on" a DST software update, which will be posted on the Palm Web site along with instructions once it's available, according to a company spokesperson.

All BlackBerry models will also need to be updated. Individuals can manually download the software patch or IT managers can do the same and automatically push the update to all phones connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

BlackBerry users can instead choose to manually adjust the time forward and back on the appropriate days to avoid the software update altogether.

Though Research In Motion and Microsoft are letting customers know about the problem by posting fixes on their Web sites and e-mailing some customers in advance, the update process is complex enough that many users may not know whether the problem has been fixed on their device until they've missed an appointment, said Ken Dulaney, an analyst with Gartner.

"I expect over 90 percent of users to ignore any proactive effort on their part. If their company or operator is able to fix the problem then it gets fixed. Otherwise I think they will brute-force it and rearrange the appointments to fit the schedule," he said. "I think that many users will change their signature line on their smart phones and PDAs to say 'Please note, if I (am) an hour late or an hour early for my meeting with you, please understand, its not my fault, it's my government.'"

CNET's Joris Evers contributed to this report.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bush Is Not Above the Law or Is He?

I personally know people that are locked away for 20+ years for just trying to feed their families and this guy can basically do whatever he wants! Is that justice? Or is that Bush saying Just Us?

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Obama comes out swinging against Fox News

After the Fox News false report on Obama attending a Madrassa as a child, Obama decides he's not putting up with it and rips the station a new one.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

HALLIBURTON -- Cheney Has 433,333 Halliburton Stock Options?

I'm not sure how credible this website is but it seems to be getting quite a bit of support from the digg users. Judge for yourself. As for me, i'm going with what Littlebylittle and what he says: "If this isn't War Profiteering, than I'm a subterranean female reptilian humanoid. Read the History of what Truman used to do to companies that profited from war. This discredits ANYTHING Cheney says on US Foreign Policy. Absolutely nothing that comes out of his mouth can be believed."

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

World Champs

Let me first say that I am a die hard Cardinals fan. I love the fact we are the World Champions but I have a few issues with team management. There is a good and bad to the fact that we won it all. You have to love the fact we won but it almost certainly guarantees we will not spend anymore money to upgrade our team. I guess the owners would say why spend more?? And we did make offers to some people to see if they would bite but overall I believe players know that if they stay in STL they are not going to get the big bucks. So what do we get for winning the World Series? In 2007 we get Braden Looper in the starting rotation.....??? And Chris Duncan and Rick Ankiel given opportunities for playing time??? Again I love the Cards but you have to question some things....
Okay so Mulder will be back. If you look at what we gave up for Mulder that is a good move. You would hate to give up Calero, Haren,and Barton and just let Mulder walk.